Our Mission

We are experts in Australian migration, and know the complexities and criteria applicable to presenting a valid visa application. Whether you are inside Australia or you want to come to Australia, we provide the right migration advice.

Why Choose us?

✔ Professional Migration Advice

Visa Right is MMIA and also follows MARA's code of conduct for any advice on Australian Visa and Immigration (MARAN 1387731).

✔ Peace of mind

We consider every possible option applicable to your unique situation. Our experts will guide you all the time.

✔ Multi language

We have multi language experts who can ease the process for you.

✔ Best value for money

You will exactly know how to proceed, and how much the process will cost you. Book for our initial evaluation and consultation service provided at reseaonable entry level rates. The consultation fee will be refunded if you decide to continue your visa case with us.

✔ Australian Business

Visa Right is a business registered with Australian Securities and Investments Commision. We are bound to Australian laws regulated by ASIC protecting our clients.

Right investment

Visa Right helps you with right advice to increase your success rate and reducing the total risk of failure in your visa application and migration process.

Generally there is a specific visa application fee that varies according to the visa category. Depending on your visa type, you may also have to pay for assessment fees by the relevant assessing authorities, for police clearances and for medical examinations.

If you do not meet all the specific requirements in an application process, you face with the risk of failure, wasting cost of non-refundable fees. Furthermore, there does not exist a right of appeal against a visa refusal unless your application is made under certain conditions.

Having said this, Visa Right services protect your time, money and peace of mind.